Certified Cereal Seed and Pulses

Campbell and Penty Ltd. have a well established reputation for supplying high quality cereal seed and pulses to our customers including free advice on the right choice of product and delivery if required.

The majority of our cereal seed is grown locally by well-established seed growers which is then cleaned and dressed through our plant at Ousegill. We are also open to new seed growers who wish to help meet our demand. Campbell and Penty Ltd. have a number of our staff who are licenced crop inspectors ensuring quality.

With an in house seed plant we are able to process and clean seed reliably and quickly.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we will be able to offer impartial advice on varietal selections.

Static Seed Cleaning and Dressing

We offer farm saved seed cleaning along with a range of chemical treatments through our static seed cleaning lines. The emphasis is always on precision and accurate chemical application and thorough cleaning of the seed.

Grass Seed and Root Seeds

We also stock a wide range of grass and amenity seed. Delivery or collection of specific grass seed mixtures and root seeds are available on request.

Storage and drying

With capacity to store approx. 12000 tonnes at our warehouse at Ousegill near Boroughbridge we offer storage and drying of grain at a competitive rate.

Please contact our office for more details on any of the above services